Flawless Face

How to achieve this look

Step 1 - Skin Spirtz

Refresh and rehydrate prior to application for best results.

Application: Hold Skin Spirtz at arm's length from the face, keep eyes closed and spray 1-2 pumps.

Step 2 - Face Primer

For a flawless finish, prepare your skin with primer.

Application: Apply to the areas of concern to help minimise pores, smooth fine lines and even out skin tone.

Step 3 - Concealer

A must have to achieve a completely flawless look by evening out skin tone and hiding imperfections.

Ultimate cream concealer - light reflective mineral pigments conceal dark circles to give eyes a brighter and younger look and helps refine fine lines.

Application: apply under eyes and gently blend. 

Unblemished concealer - full of effective ingredients such as green tea extract, this product will help to control breakouts as it conceals.

Application: Apply a small amount to problem areas and blend. 

Step 4 - Foundation

Promote healthy skin and achieve complete coverage with a natural finish.

Loose mineral jar & dispensing brush - natural looking coverage with a radiant finish.

Application: Using a Kabuki brush work loose minerals in small circular motions over the face and neck.

Pressed mineral compact - complete coverage with matte finish.

Application: Use a Deluxe or Kabuki Brush and gently sweep over the face and neck. 

Liquid Hydration Sheer Tint - sheer coverage that helps to hydrate, protect and balance out skin tone. 

Application: Use the Foundation Blending Brush and blend onto face and neck for a flawless look.

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