New Year 'Beauty' Resolutions

Happy New Year!  I hope I’m not too late to still say that! I know we say every year that they are getting quicker and quicker but here we are already into February and I am just making my New Year resolutions now! Today I want to share with you what my ‘beauty’ New Year resolutions are. You may want to make them yours too.

1. Clean my brushes regularly.

I know we have all been guilty of leaving it way too long in between washing our brushes. If you have left it longer than a month (or year...) it’s pretty gross when you think about the bacteria that are building up on your makeup tools that you use on your face every day. I previously wrote a blog on the best way to take care of your brushes which you can read here. So let’s try to make a mental not or chuck a reminder in your phone to properly take care of your brushes. They will thank you for it by giving you extra mileage and so will your skin.

Image: Mineralogie Makeup

2.Get rid of expired products.

Yup, another one I’m probably guilty of! Different makeup products have specific expiry dates for very important reasons. One is that bacteria (those pesky critters again) can build up after the use-by-date and can become harmful to your skin and another is that the product simply breaks down/dries up and doesn’t perform how it should. Liquids such as mascara are especially important to heed the expiration dates (conjunctivitis anyone?) Always, always make sure to note down when you purchased your product and then check the packaging to see how long you can use it for before ditching it (see pic below for what the expiry diagrams should look like if you’re unsure.)

Image: Mineralogie Makeup

3. Try new makeup looks.

I’m someone who gets stuck in a rut when it comes to makeup looks. I’m very basic with my everyday makeup. Foundation, concealer, bronzer, mascara and I’m good to go. The funny thing is though, I work around beautiful makeup all day long and am surrounded by gorgeous colours that nearly every day I get inspired and I say I will try that eye shadow tomorrow or wear that lipstick on the weekend. Does it happen? Nope (sometimes sleeping in gets in the way). So that said, this year I really want to make the effort to doll up my every day look as well as rock a great lippy when I go out. I believe that makeup can be an expression of who we are and give us a confidence boost too. You are almost always guaranteed to get at least one compliment when you step out wearing a gorgeous red lippy. 


Images: Pinterest

What are your ‘beauty’ New Year Resolutions?

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