Mineralogie's New Autumn Collection

To be honest I’m a little sad that summer is coming to an end. Summer is definitely my favourite season. Beach, sunshine and balmy evenings are right at the top of my ‘Things I Love’ list. However, I like to think of myself as a sunny, positive person and so will embrace autumn as a nice change (I mean, who will seriously miss 40+ degree heatwaves anyway?) Other things I can love about autumn are the changing leaves, New York Fashion Week and of course Mineralogie’s new Autumn Collection which had taken its cue from the latest runways! And the best part? They are available now! Check them out-



A-List Pressed Eye Shadow Quad

Our latest quad compact for eyes contains the perfect combination of Autumn’s must-have shades that provide light yet luscious colour effortlessly. The shades of Rose Mist, Sugar Lily, Mulberry and Black Velvet can create a soft a romantic look or an intense smoky eye – the choice is yours! You can buy them here.

Rose Mist and Sepia Pressed Eye Shadows

Rose Mist is your go-to shade this autumn for the signature shade – rose. It’s the perfect combination of soft and romantic. The versatile shade provides a lovely sheen and can be worn just as easy alone or with a deeper shade like Sepia which is a deliciously rich velvety chocolate shade. You can buy them here.

Guilty Pleasure Lipstick

Your autumn lip hue is sorted. A classic with twist, this indulgent shade provides all the drama whilst giving your lips dimension. Don’t be intimidated by the richness of this succulent plum shade though- it applies lighter than it actually looks in the tube. You can buy it here.

What do you think of the new colours?

Are you happy Autumn is just around the corner?

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