The Only Makeup Look You'll Need This Party Season

Believe it or not, summer has arrived. It has been a slow start to the season in terms of warmer weather (get with the program, Melbourne!) but there have been plenty of hot makeup looks coming through. With an abundance of Christmas festivities and summer soirees you are sure to attend, we’ve got the party perfect makeup look for you to try. Neon fuchsia is the lip colour this season. Paired with a touch of shimmer this look is part ethereal goddess and part fashion forward filly. Here's how to get the look-


1. Apply BB Crème Skin Perfector to your face starting at the centre and blend outwards.

2. Contour your face by applying Barcelona Bronze Pressed Mineral Bronzer under cheek bones, on temples, on the forehead at the hair line and along the jaw line making sure to blend super well to hide any tell tale signs.

3. Dust over a touch of Twilight Radiance on your forehead and cheek bones to look all gorgeous and glowy.


1. Dab some Eye Shadow Primer onto your eye lids and blend down to the inner corners and slightly along the bottom lash line. This will not only make your eye shadow budge proof but will give you that fresh, wide awake look (even if you’ve only had 5 hours sleep).

2. Keep eye shadow to a minimum so that your eyes don’t compete with your lips for attention and frankly so that you won’t end up looking like a lady of the night if ya get my drift... Take Luminous Pressed Eye Shadow, a gold tinted shimmer or Opal Shimmer Loose Eye Shadow for a nude shimmery effect. Either will look smashing, it just depends on your mood really!  Apply with a shadow brush starting at the inner corner of your eye and sweep up and out across your eye lid blending as you go so the emphasis is on the inner corner only. Pick up a little more shadow and gently pat in the corner and along the lower lash line about ¼ of the way along. Check out the pic below to see what I mean.

3. Just a coat of Black Perfect Lash Mascara is all you need on your lashes.


1. As I’ve said time and time again, to pull off a bold lip you MUST, MUST, MUST make sure you have a smooth base. You don't want to draw attention to your lips for the wrong reason. So scrub, scrub, scrub, (gently of course; try a soft bristle toothbrush) and apply a condition lip balm such as this Vitamin E Stick.

2. Grab the Eye Shadow Primer again (yes, it can be used on lips too) and apply a smidgen to your lips and blend well. The primer will give the lipstick super staying powers and give the colour a brighter, truer tone.

3. Take Bombshell Lipstick and apply to lips with a lip brush. Blot with a tissue and apply another coat. You can blot again for a matte finish or leave for a subtle sheen. And you should end up with something that looks a little like this...

Now, I can't guarantee the luminescent locks on Blake Lively here but I can guarantee you'll look every bit the glowing party princess at your next shindig.

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