Spring Racing Carnival Makeup Looks - Part 1 Derby Day

The Spring Racing Carnival is upon us which, let’s face it, is just as much about the fashion as it is the horses. So you’ve got your outfit all done and dusted but what makeup look should you go for? Fear not, I’ve got your covered for 2 of the Carnival’s biggest races – Derby Day and the Melbourne Cup . Today I’ll bring you the Derby Day look that will have you race ready.

Traditionally Derby day is, in terms of attire, a black and white affair. If you are planning on keeping that custom with your outfit why not add a pop of colour with your makeup? It’s the best way to add that little extra pizzazz to an otherwise classic look. And my pick? Orange lips. A tangerine pout looks insanely good against a monochrome scheme. Here’s a little inspo –


(Photos: Pinterest)

Now, here’s what to do:


1. As you should always do, start with a clean and moisturised base. Let your moisturiser sink into your skin for a few minutes before applying anything else. Your makeup will sit a lot better and last longer on your skin if you wait. Make sure your lips are in tip top shape too.  A bright lipstick will show up any flakes and will frankly look pretty awful, so ensure you have a smooth pucker.

2. Prep your skin with Face Primer concentrating on your t-zone.  Apply a layer of our new BB Crème Skin Perfector and blend well. Now go in with a little Natural Cream Concealer and apply to any blemishes or to cover dark circles. You can do this before applying the BB Crème but I find that I get better coverage after. To set the base I also like to apply 1 or 2 layers of Loose Mineral Foundation to create a flawless yet completely natural look.

3. If you wish to add some warmth to your skin just like Ms. Alba above, simply dust over some Sunswept Pressed Bronzer on your cheeks and forehead at the hair line and blend well to hide any tell tale signs. Mist your face with Skin Spritz to help further set your makeup. (You'll want to pop this in your clutch as well to keep your skin fresh all day track-side).


1. I would suggest you leave your eyes fairly bare as you don’t want them to compete for attention with your lips. A dusting of a subtle shadow such as Opal Shimmer is all you really need. However, if you feel you need a little colour, coppers and golds, such as Poise Pressed Eye Shadow, do work particularly well. Just don’t go overboard and make sure to blend really well to keep the look nice and soft.

2. For every day wear with a bold lip look I would suggest minimal mascara but you’re going to a fancy event so I say the more the merrier! Load up your top lashes only with at least 3 coats of black Waterproof mascara (it is held in Melbourne after all and the chance of rain is fairly high even on a forecast sunny day). For your bottom lashes, 1 coat of mascara will suffice.


1. If your lips are quite pigmented (like mine are) I suggest blending in a smidge of concealer. This will bring out the true colour of the lipstick and help it to last longer too.

2. Our new Flirtatious Lipstick is what you need to create the lip ‘wow factor’. Apply with a lip brush for definition. Blot once with a tissue, reapply and blot again. Then gently dab on a little extra colour onto the centre and smoosh your lips gently together. This will give you the ultimate staying power and see you through 3 (or 4 or 5, cough) glasses of bubbly before having to reapply. The delightfully creamy semi-matte texture of this lipstick is a welcome surprise compared to some other highly pigmented matte lipsticks and makes it so comfortable to wear all day long. Afterall, your feet do have to withstand 9 hours in 6 inch heels so I would suggest you take any little comfort you can get!

What do you think of this look?

Don't forget to check back for Spring Racing Carnival Makeup Looks - Part 2 Melbourne Cup.

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