SPRING TREND: Ombre Eye Liner

Spring has finally sprung and I cannot contain my excitement! Warmer weather is on its way and it is just what the doctor ordered. What I love about spring, apart from the Magnolias blossoming in my garden, balmy days, and bare arms (on the tradie kind), is the new fashion and beauty trends that spring up (pardon the pun).

One new beauty look that hasn’t been recycled from previous springs (I’m looking at you fuscia lips) is Ombre Eye Liner. Not just for your tresses, which is still major this season, ombre liner can be just as fun and stylish. Check out the pics below to give you an idea of what I mean.

Cool, huh? I love that this look can be subtle or downright ballsy. Mineralogie have just developed a nifty and innovative little product that lets you achieve this look in a cinch. It is the Nude Liquid Eye Liner which contains the same super staying power ingredients as our Black Liquid Eye Liner only it’s clear. When used in conjunction with any eye shadow (pressed or loose) you can createany colour liner you wish! So yes, you can just choose one colour and line away but here’s how you can get that fancy graduated effect-

1. Choose your colour scheme and then 2 or 3 eye shadow colours in that scheme from light to dark.

2. Dip your Nude Liquid Eye Liner tip into the lightest shade first and draw along the lash line 2/3 to ½ of the eye. Then dip again into the darker shade/s and finish the line, ending in a wing.

3. To blend and get the ombre effect, clean the tip of the liner and re-dip. Then run along the entire line until you get the desired look.

There are loads of different combos you can try so why not get creative and give it a go yourself?

(Photos: Pinterest)

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