Winter Skin Survival

We are well and truly in the dark depths of winter now and what a chilly one it has been (for those of us in the southern hemisphere anyway).  While here in Melbourne we have enjoyed some beautiful unseasonal sunny days, but my, has it been deceivingly cold!

I’m not a huge fan of winter and not just because most of the season my hands and feet are in a perpetual state of numbness. I dislike it mainly because my skin decides to flip out and transform from (usually) normal to combination. I tend to get flaky at the top of my nose between my brows yet the rest of my forehead is like an oil slick! I’m also more inclined to get break outs on my cheeks close to my mouth and just to throw in for good measure a couple of pesky little black heads on my chin decide to pop up.

So it’s safe to say my skin has a little bit of a freak out.  And it is directly linked to the change in weather. Now, I’m no skin specialist but what I do know is that the cold, dry weather strips skin of vital moisture which helps to keep it regulated and balanced. This can lead to it working overtime to produce oil which is clearly what is happening in my case. Fortunately there are a few tools at my (and your) disposal to help alleviate these issues.

My top tips to keep skin under control in winter are:

  • Have regular facials. These don’t always have to be by a professional but I would suggest you do visit one at least for your first so that you can understand your skin better and know what skin care products are best suited to you.
  • Follow a skin care routine daily that consists of cleansing and moisturising and do it religiously. I’m loving Rosehip oil as a moisturiser at the moment as it helps to condition my dry patches whilst tricking my skin into thinking I’m producing enough oil therefore stopping the over production of it on my forehead.
  • Drink more H2O and clean up your diet. You know why.

Now that we’ve got the skincare element sorted this is where makeup comes into play. Makeup is great for covering these annoying skin imperfections. Mineralogie products are particularly great as they include ingredients that work as an extension to skin care.

The top Mineralogie products to use in winter are:

  • Skin Spritz. Made with 84 trace minerals and stabilised oxygen, it is formulated to help hydrate and provide a quick pick up for tired skin, perfect after being out in the cold wind or in heated offices. Keep one at your desk and another in your bag to mist your face throughout the day. It’s great for setting makeup too.
  • Liquid Hydration Sheer Tint. Formulated with sodium hyaluronate to help repair dry and dehydrated skin, it is similar to a tinted moisturiser which helps to balance and even out skin tone as well.
  • Unblemished. This concealer is seriously a wonder product. Containing chamomile and passion flower which helps to reduce inflammation and redness, witch hazel, tea tree and green tea also helps to heal and prevent blemishes and vitamin E to help condition, this little beauty will treat and conceal blemishes effortlessly.
  • Vitamin E Stick. Lips can get dry and chapped too during winter so keep them conditioned with this balm that is loaded with Vitamin E.

Follow the above steps, add these products to your makeup routine and you’ll find your winter skin will go from dry/flaky/oily/crazy to clear and glowing a la the two Olivia’s. And the count down to Spring has begun...


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What are your tips to protecting your skin in winter?

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