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Is it just me or is The Great Gatsby everywhere at the moment? It's for a good reason. It was written at a time where decadence reigned supreme and Baz Luhrmann’s film adaptation of the classic American novel brings the opulence of the 1920’s to the big screen. And boy does he do it in rip-roaring style. In fashion terms, over the top beaded flapper dresses, cute cropped hairdos and fabulous makeup are the some of the images I conjure up when I think about the roaring ‘20’s. I love this period in fashion’s history and am glad to see it come to extravagant life on the silver screen.

At a girl’s night event last night I caught a screening and it certainly did not disappoint. What a feast for the eyes it is (and I’m not just talking about Leo)! The costumes and sets are so luxuriously lavish that I so desperately want to wear diamante chandelier earrings and sparkly head pieces during the day and have it be perfectly acceptable. So that may not happen anytime soon but something that may take off is the gorgeous, totally wearable in 2013 makeup looks the leading lady Carey Mulligan and bevy of other Gatsby beauties were rocking. Take a look at some of the posters of the movie below.

Gorgeous, huh?  Here are some steps to recreate that ‘Gatsby’ gorgeousness.

  • Classic 1920's style velvety, soft pale skin can be achieved with our Pressed Mineral Foundation which also provides a lovely creamy matte finish. Using a Kabuki brush buff onto the skin concentrating on the T-zone. If a little extra coverage is required apply some Natural Cream Concealer to any spots, blemishes, etc, before you apply the foundation and blend well.
  • Muted matte shades of brown work well on eyes. Simply blend a base shade such as Vanilla Loose Mineral Eye Shadow over the entire lid and then apply some Vintage Pressed Eye Shadow (what an appropriate name!) over the eye lid up to the crease, and under the lower lash line. Using a Blending brush blend well and then blend some more to create the softest and most natural eye look. Finish with a coat of mascara. I like to use Perfect Lash Mascara in brown instead of black to keep the look as natural as possible*.
  • While the rest of the look is quite soft and natural, eye brows are quite prominent and exaggerated. Instead of taking to your brows with pair of tweezers like the traditional 20’s lass may have done, keep your own natural shape and simply use some Brow Powder to extend the length for a little bit of drama.
  • There are two look choices when it comes to lips. For day a matte rosy shade such as Pink Sand Lipstick is the perfect choice or for a night on the town you can’t go past Hollywood or Diva Lipstick for that quintessential flapper girl style. *Switch to black Perfect Lash Mascara for the nighttime look for more definition.

Optional: Take a Raven Eye Liner and draw a beauty spot above your lip and just below your cheek. But perhaps leave this step only for your next themed party.  

The Great Gatsby is in cinemas everywhere on Thursday so go check it out. You won't be dissapointed. In the meantime, just for your viewing pleasure, here are a few more pics from the film to inspire you.


(photos: pinterest)

Are you looking forward to seeing The Great Gatsby?

Which is your favourite look here?

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