Valentine's Day Beauty - Two Makeup Looks for the Day of Love

The annual day of celebrating love is just around the corner. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic and long for this day to come around or view it as nothing more than a marketing gimmick you can’t deny that warm fuzzy feeling you get when a single red rose is delivered anonymously or a date is requested.

Yes, I admit that the day has definitely become over commercialised in recent years but I do believe that any day that celebrates love is a good thing. For this reason I will be boarding the love train with my love this 14th of February. Where to, I’m not too sure just yet (I’m leaving that one up to hubby) but I’m sure it will involve dinner at my favourite restaurant. Along with choosing an outfit I also need to work out what makeup look to go for. Trawling the internet for the last couple of hours for a muse I’ve decided on 2 looks that would be perfect for this special day and I hope it provides you with some inspiration too.

Look #1 - Soft and Sweet

Soft pinks are the base for this romantic and fresh look that would work just as well at a picnic as for a dinner date. A gorgeous flush of petal pink on the cheeks and a soft wash of candy of the lips is all this look needs to transform you into a blushing beauty that will set his heart aflutter.

1. First apply Face Primer to the T-zone to even skin tone and then add a little Liquid Hydration Sheer Tint.

2. On cheeks, dust some 'Eve' or 'Mimosa' Blush over the apples of our cheeks and blend out towards your temples. Sweep some ‘Twilight’ Radiance along cheekbones.

3. Leave eye shadow alone and instead opt for a brown eye liner to line the upper lash line. Try ‘Brunette’ Eye Liner pencil. Add a coat or two of Perfect Lash Mascara on top lashes only. Leave bottom lashes bare to keep the look soft.

4. Finish off with a swipe of 'Baby Love' Lipstick (if you’re a fan of baby pink ) or 'Tourmaline' Lipstick (if fuscia pink is more your thing). If you prefer gloss apply 'Kiss Me' (how appropriate) or 'Parfait' Lip Gloss for totally kissable pout.

Look #2. - Seductively Sophisticated

Fluttery, flirty luscious lashes and smoky shadow will give you a sultry ‘come hither’ look that will have your Valentine’s eyes firmly planted on yours all night long. Leaving lips relatively bare will keep all the focus on your peepers and won’t leave you with smeared lippy if you go in for a sneaky pash.

1. Start off with your eye makeup first. You may end up with a little shadow falling on your cheeks so it just makes sense to apply your foundation after. It is imperative to apply Eye Shadow Primer prior to shadow to make sure your look lasts all night. Dab a little and blend over entire eye lid.

2. Next take the ‘Sultry’ Pressed Eye Shadow Quad. Using ‘Frost’ apply over the entire lid. Then apply ‘Poise’ from the lash line to the crease. Use ‘Metallic’ for a traditional smoky eye or ‘Sultry’ for an edgy look. Apply either colour along the crease and blend down and along the lash line at the outer corner of your eye. Imaging a line from the end of your brow to the outer corner of your eye, blend eye shadow making sure not to go past this line. This will create the perfect symmetry on both eyes and give you a gorgeous soft winged effect.

3. Take a ‘Jet Black’ Eye Liner pencil and line your lower lash line, getting in between your eyelashes as much as possible. With a cotton bud gently smudge along this line. Then blend in a little ‘Sultry’ or ‘Metallic’ over the top stopping at the middle of your bottom lash line.

4. Finish off your smoky eye with a little ‘Frost’ in the inner corners of your eye to open them up. Add 3 coats of Waterproof Mascara for ultimate staying power.

5. Now apply your Face Primer and 2-3 layers of Loose Mineral Foundation. Add a little ‘Sunswept’ Pressed Mineral Bronzer to warm your complexion if you feel you need it. Simply sweep under cheek bones to contour and add dimension.

6. All you need on lips is a slick of ‘Whisper’ Lip Gloss and you’re good to go.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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