WING IT! Mastering Liquid Eye Liner

Winged eye liner is one of those looks you love or love to hate. Not because it doesn’t look absolutely fabulous and give you that chic, glamorous look like no other can. No, it’s because it does but seems so damn tricky to perfect that it ends up in the ‘too hard basket’ along with French braids.

I used to think this until I persisted and got the result a little more Bridget Bardot and a little less Amy Winehouse (RIP). You see, apart from wonky, uneven lines the biggest issue I had was drawing my lines on too thick.

So, if like me, you’ve time after time struggled with this and are almost ready to give up, don’t! Help is at hand. Here is my foolproof step-by-step to create the perfect winged eye every time.

1. Take Mineralogie’s Liquid Eye Liner and lightly dab the applicator tip on a tissue to get rid of any excess product.


2. Starting at the inner corner of your eye place the wand as close as possible to the lash line and draw to the outer corner. The firmer you press the thicker the line will be so I suggest you don’t use too much pressure. If you find the line isn’t thick enough for your liking simply go over it again to achieve the desired weight. It’s much easier to do this than clean up later if the line is too thick.

Tip: If you get shaky hand try placing your elbow on a hard surface to anchor yourself which will make you a lot steadier.

3. Now comes the clincher and the step which has remedied all my eye liner dilemmas. Imagine a line from the outside corner to the end of your brow. This is the angle that your wing will take. Now it is up to you how subtle or dramatic you want your wing to be. Try gently pulling your eye taut towards your temple as per the diagram below to help get as close to the lash line as possible. Following the angle, I like to draw from my chosen point down to the lash line. Then draw back up to the point again. You'll end up with  have a mini triangle which you can then fill in. This rule should ensure perfect symmetry on both eyes.

Tip: If you still think you might mess it up try placing some tape on the angle between the outer corner of your eye and end of your brow. Then draw the line as usual. Gently remove the tape and voila, the perfect line every time!

Here are some of my winged liner muses to give you some inspiration too-

(Photos: primped,dropdeadgorgeousdaily)

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