The Big Smoke

My sun hat has been placed back on the hook, my beach towel is washed and put back in the linen cupboard, and my no makeup rule has been put to bed. That’s right, holidays are over. And while I do feel a pang of sadness, I am also excited about what 2013 has in store and what it will give us in the beauty trend department. Well, I am happy to report that one of the first to emerge is as new and fresh as this year.  

Smoky eyes have always been a makeup style staple. It is a failsafe option on the red carpet and adds instant glamour to any night out. Traditionally smoky eyes have been limited to dark charcoals, blacks and silvery metallic combinations. 

While there will always be a place for these combos I am a little bit excited to see that this season we are shifting away from the dramatic type to softer yet still as sexy brown and taupe shades. These are the perfect smoky eye hue choices particularly for summer to still amp up the glam factor while maintaining effortless sophistication. As someone with green eyes too, I love that these colours compliment them a lot better than its charcoal smoky cousin.

And the choice is yours – day time subtle and sweet toffee shades like Cara Delevingne or night time rich chocolate and coffee as the stunning Camilla Belle carries off just gorgeously.

(Photos: Primped)

This brings me to me new favourite makeup must-have, the ‘Vintage’ quad. This is a pressed eye shadow collection of 4 delicious shades will have your peepers in smoky perfection in no time. It contains Cameo which is a silky cream base shade, Lustre which works just as well on its own for an understated day time look, Poise which will add some gorgeous copper shimmer and warm up your eyes, and, of course, Vintage which is the hero shade of this compact. It is the perfect matte warm chocolate shade that will work well with any eye colour and can be layered for intensity.

What I really love about this quad is its versatility. I love that it contains 4 unique colours that look spectacular when layered upon one another and yet can still hold their own when worn alone. I also love that using this quad will give you a version of a smoky eye that works well with a number of different lip colours, not just the standard nude lip, all without looking OTT. Check out Keira Knightley’s candy pink lips, Amber Heard’s punchy red pout and Julianne Hough’s creamy coral lip gloss. And just check out how each has their own beautiful take on the brown smoky eye.

(Photos: Primped)

My tips for creating the perfect brown smoky eye? Just the same as with a traditional smoky eye- blend, blend and then blend some more. There are no other hard and fast rules and the intensity is entirely up to you. I also recommend you apply some eye shadow primer before you start too, to ensure all day, crease-free wear. Get layering with all the colours for a multi-dimensional look or keep it fresh and simple with just one or two shades. Don’t forget to add lashings of mascara to finish off your look. Try it for yourself and you’ll be amazed how many ways you can wear it and feel sexy and sophisticated all at the same time.

Will you try the brown smoky eye?

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