Summer Makeup Essentials

I am so excited summer is here. I just LOVE it. However, I happen to live in tropical Melbourne. Yes, you did read tropical. It is very normal to have a day that’s 16 degrees and rain, and the very next one is full of glorious sunshine with a top of 32! That being said, I get super jealous of the northern states that enjoy steady, balmy weather over the warmer months. At this time of year I like to escape to said states as I am quite partial to a continuous run of hot days. I thaw out, actually use my gym membership, and eat healthier. My skin even seems to emerge from its flaky, dry winter hibernation.

It’s a new season, right, and like all seasons in life (I understand that I am being quite literal here) there are bound to be significant changes.  That might sound a little dramatic when I’m talking about the weather but when it comes to my beauty routine in summer compared to the cooler months there is a definite change. Here’s why I like to mix it up (and why you probably should too).

For some reason, winter tends to wreak more havoc with my skin than summer. During the ccold weather my skin is dry, dehydrated and breakouts seem to be more common. When it comes to summer I am happy to say goodbye to my heavier coverage foundation, concealer (well almost; remember I suffer from DDC), and can be confident in just four products to get me by.

Here they are-

1. A light, liquid foundation. Mineralogie’s Liquid Hydration Sheer Tint is exactly its name. It is hydrating and provides sheer coverage like a tinted moisturiser. In summer I like to switch up my foundations and go for a lighter option like this one and let my new skin shine through (including freckles as Olivia does). It provides that ‘I’m wearing makeup but don’t want to look like I am’ appearance. And with zinc & titanium dioxide as top ingredients it helps to protect your skin from damaging UV rays.

2. Waterproof Mascara. I am such a mascara girl. I like to wear it every day. Even on my ‘makeup-free days’. As I am a fair headed lass my eye lashes need a little (read: a lot) of help to make my eyes stand out. Mineralogie’s new waterproof version is splash proof, so gone are the days where your head has to remain above the water’s surface. Go on, relive your childhood and pretend you’re a mermaid splashing in the waves.

3. Bronzer.  This an absolute must-have in my makeup bag. I prefer not to spend hours in the sun to gain a tan. And I especially like to keep my face covered with the broadest brimmed hat I can find when I do venture out in it. After all, peeps, 80% of the skins aging does come from the sun. Well, Mineralogie have you covered (literally) when it comes to bronzer. In either a compact or dispensing brush, it’s a cinch to get a gorgeous golden glow the safe way. Just look how the beautiful (normally pale) Emily Blunt has warmed up her complexion to make it look like she has just spent a week in Hawaii.

4. Matte-ifyer. If you , like me, suffer from an oil slick on your face after spending an hour (or minute) in the heat can I suggest you try Mineralogie’s Invisibly Matte. You’ll want to run, not walk, to get your hands on this bad boy. Made with the natural clay, Kaolin, it helps to absorb any unwanted oil without adding colour. The inclusion of rosemary in this little beauty also helps to tighten and firm the skin. Now who wouldn’t love that?

(photos: Primped)

So, why don’t you try stocking up on these products too. I promise you’ll look fabulous from poolside to party all summer long.

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