Work Your Quirks

Hands up. Who has a facial feature, or what I call a 'quirk', they wish they could change? Or ‘improve’? Typing one handed as my right hand is firmly positioned sky ward; I’m here to tell you, you’re not alone!

Let me start off by saying that there is only one of you and you are completely unique and that is what real beauty is. Full stop. (Yes, I’m even talking to myself here; we all need to be reminded sometimes). Sure, I myself have longed for Scarlet’s lips or Miranda’s crystal clear complexion but I say without a doubt that you too possess features that others will covet. So give yourself a break and keep reading to find out how you can make the most of your so-called unfavourable features.

 I wrote last time about the gripe I have with my eye colour which you can read here  and what I do to make them pop but unfortunately that isn’t were my superficial grievances stop. You see I also suffer from dark circles. Hereditary, never-going-to-get-rid-of-them-no-matter-what-eye-cream-I-use type ones. Lucky me. After many years of trying everything under the sun to get rid of them I have come to accept them (I admit I sometimes fall off the wagon) and know that while they will always be my bothersome constant companion, I can minimise them with a little help from the items in my makeup bag.

Every day my BBFF (Beauty Best Friend Forever) is concealer and this Mineralogie one is truly a God send!  When there are days where I need a little more than the comfort my BBFF gives me, my fail safe remedy is the perfect combination of black liquid eye liner (on the top lash line only; more on this later), a silver or gold shimmery eye shadow in the inner corners of my eyes and bottom lashes left bare. Of course, concealer comes along for the ride too. If like me, you suffer from DDC (dreaded dark circles) this is my tested and approved method to fake bright, wide awake and bigger, more beautiful eyes.  Here’s why: The eye liner on the top lash line only really works to open the eyes making them appear larger just like the divine Ms. Imbruglia, the shimmery shadow in the inner corners adds a brightening effect as well as creating more space between the eyes a la Diane Kruger, and leaving the bottom lashes free of mascara ensures no extra shadowing is added. Voila, dark circle free, fresh and flawless eyes!

(photos: Primped)

Now I know there are those of you who have never suffered from DDC (totally jealous of you, btw. See, I told you so!) but please keep reading as I’ll now address some other beauty dilemmas you may have.

Feel that your nose is too wide?Make like Cameron and Rihanna and contour with some bronzer. Simply brush some down the sides to create shadow, in turn giving the appearance of a narrower bridge. Take it one step further and use a bit of illuminating radiance on the bridge. Apply with your finger to make sure it is applied only there. This will make it appear more slender and elegantly elongated.

(photos: Primped)

Thin lips leaving you deflated?There are ways to plump your pout. Take my BBFF the concealer and apply to the area between your nose and cupid ’s bow and across your top lip line. This reduces any shadowing and draws the top lip forward. Dark lip colours are not thin lips’ friend so stick to lighter shades. Lip gloss is also a better option as its glossy or shimmery properties give extra oomph to lean lips. Mineralogie’s lip glosses also contain peppermint oil which gives the lips a delightful tingling sensation which helps to plump lips naturally. Another handy tip to remember is to add a bit of radiance to the centre of your bottom lip. Give it a go, you will notice the difference. My last tip is to shift focus to your eyes instead and go nuts with eye shadow and liner (in a classy way of course!) just as the glowing Kate Hudson and sultry Vanessa Hudgens have done.

(photos: Primped)

So, now lastly I encourage you all to take a good hard look at yourself and not just metaphorically. I don’t know about you but I’m a little (read: a lot) over focusing on my not so smashing features, letting them rule over those which others may even potentially envy. So, pledge with me that you will turn that frown upside down (frowning causes wrinkles anyway) and show yourself some love. By all means, give the above tips a go but most importantly embrace your quirks; they are what make you unique and I bet no one notices them more than you.

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