HOW TO: Make Your Peepers Pop!

When it comes to applying my makeup, my eyes are the feature that I always spend the majority of time on.  Whilst I love to rock a red lip, I especially like to play up my eyes with different shadow and eye liner looks and lashings of mascara. These things, I find, help to accentuate and enhance my eyes. Perhaps this is because I’ve never really been a fan of my eye colour and doing this ‘improves’ it.

You see, as someone with green eyes, if I’m honest, I’ve always been envious of girls with blue or brown eyes. I’ve always felt my own eye colour was a little blah. Left makeup free, they have never been able to hold their own and be the stand out feature (which I wish they would be). How I longed for crystal clear blue eyes like Exhibit A, the divine Cameron D or intense chocolately-brown like Exhibit B, the too-pretty-for-words Leighton M’s.  Perhaps what they say about the green-eyed monster is true...

Exhibit A 

Exhibit B

Anyway, after trying out some nifty eye makeup tips to try and enhance them, I have since come to embrace my eye colour for what it is and actually appreciate that my peepers can take on an almost chameleon-like effect when using certain eye shadow colours. At times they will take on more of a vibrant green and other times will even appear slightly blue.  Here I would like to share how you too can get the most out of your eye colour.

Rule of thumb is this; pick a hue on the colour wheel opposite to your eyes. This will be to most harmonious and really make them ‘pop’. If you don’t have a colour wheel handy let me make it easier for you. Below you will find your eye shadow/eye colour match made in heaven.

For Green Eyes-

Copper plums are the best contrast for emerald eyes which really makes them stand out. Other colours that will complement them nicely are copper, warm purples and orange-toned golds. My picks: Raspberry  and Antique Copper Shimmer.

For Blue Eyes-

Bright golds will intensify blue eyes, silver and other smoky metallic hues will make them look steely (in a beautiful, piercing way) and pinks and other pastels will give them a cool, playful vibe. My picks: MarmaladeBronze Shimmer, Metallic and Kiss Me.

For Brown Eyes-

If you have brown eyes consider yourself lucky because you can wear almost any colour and your eyes will dazzle. My pick of the bunch though are white shimmery shadows to really contrast and brighten eyes, soft taupe and coppers to enhance their richness and midnight blues for an intense smoky look. My picks: Sparkle, Copper Shimmer and Midnight.

For Hazel Eyes-

Try a mix of colours from either the green or brown eyed selection. Hazel eyes can vary quite dramatically from person to person with some leaning towards brown, due to yellow undertones, or green, due to hints of grey.  Though, like brown eyes, most colours tend to be harmonious with hazel eyes so have fun! My picks: Lavender Splash, Nightlife and Brunette.

(Photos: Primped)

What is your favourite eye shadow colour to make your peepers pop?

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