TREND ALERT: Pastel Princess Vs. Neon Queen

Who’s sad that winter is coming to an end? Not I! Spring is just around the corner and I couldn’t be happier. Ok, so deep down I’m a summer girl. With any little bit of sun I see peeping out from the clouds, it sends me day dreaming about long lazy days at the beach and gives me an insatiable longing for warm summer nights. But, spring signifies the dawning of new, fresh and exciting seasonal changes and this is good enough for me. Blossoms are in full bloom, pretty dresses hit the racks in stores and the Spring Racing Carnival and Fashion Week fill up our event calendar.

Spring also sees the emergence of new season makeup trends and I’m thrilled that this year it is all about colour. And I can honestly say I love them all!  From sugary sweet muted hues to outrageous yet surprisingly wearable fluoro there is a look for us all to covet all season long.

So here are the how-to’s of two of this season’s must have looks for you to try for yourself.


Ethereal and fairy floss sweet would be how you describe the quintessential Pastel Princess. She is angelic, innocent and oh so pretty complete with tousled hair and playful girly braids!

  1. Light, dewy skin is the base you are after. Liquid Hydration Sheer Tint will achieve this for you. Use finger tips or our Foundation Blending brush to blend it in. Add a light layer of Loose Mineral Foundation over the top and mist with Skin Spritz for added hydration and to set the makeup.
  2. To get that extra luminous, lit-from-within effect, you can either add a dusting of Twilight Radiance to the cheek bones and bridge of nose or mix a little with your foundation for an all over glow. Just don’t be too heavy handed. We are going for radiant not Edward Cullen in sun light.
  3. Soft, shimmery shades are perfect for eyes. Lavender Splash, Sea Mist and Kiss Me Loose Mineral Eye Shadows are pastel perfection. Lightly blend in your chosen colour over the entire eye lid until desired level of colour is achieved.
  4. Keep cheeks soft and neutral with a dusting of Eve Loose Mineral Blush to slightly contour the face.
  5. To complete the look add a subtle lip colour such as Baby Love Lipstick or Kiss Me Lip Gloss.


Fluoro cool, punchy pouts and extreme eyes heralds in the Neon Queen. This look can be daunting but confidence is the key to carrying it off. We’ve all seen the OTT versions on the runway but don’t think this look isn’t something you can pull off. The key is getting the right tone and balance to make it a totally wearable trend.

  1. A matte base works best with this look. As the colours are furiously bright it is best to keep all other makeup as subtle as possible. Try our Pressed Mineral Foundation for full coverage with a matte finish.
  2. Now choose whether you want to add colour to either your eyes or lips. Never both. This is not the 80’s. For eyes, add a base colour such as Opal Shimmer or Vanilla and sweep over the entire lid. Then apply either Poppy (a gorgeous punchy melon) or Aqua (a bold blue) from the lash line to the crease of the eye. For more intense colour wet your Shadow brush or dry blend for a more subtle effect. A variation on this eye look is to use these colours as eye liners. Do this by wetting an Angle Shading brush and applying the eye shadow as you would a liquid eye liner. 
  3. For a look that’s all about the neon lip keep eyes neutral with the base colour Opal Shimmer. Lipstick is best for a bold lip. Choose either Hollywood (an orange-red matte) or Tourmaline (a vivid fuchsia). Apply three times and blot with a tissue after each application. This creates a matte stain (which is also so hot right now) and will help it to last all day long.  

(Photos: Primped)

What do you love most about Spring?

Which is your favourite look?

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