Eye Prime. You Should Too.

Primers burst onto the scene a few years ago taking the makeup world by storm. This revolutionary product changed the way we looked at and applied our makeup. Smoothing out skin tone, minimising pores and fine lines and giving our foundation extra staying power were the promises it made that all had us jumping for joy. This exciting new product quickly became a makeup bag staple.

A couple of years down the track and how the humble primer has evolved. While we all now can’t live without our traditional primer, the same principles have now been applied to other priming products such as the new innovative product from Mineralogie, Eye Shadow Primer!

This little gem of a product contains all the same benefits of a face primer but may have some of you asking, “Is it really necessary to have a separate primer just for your eyes?” Well, the answer is yes. I could sing it’s praises on just how good my eye makeup looks after using it but I’ll let this glowing review from Beauty Directory do it for me –

“Being an avid eye shadow user, nothing irks me more than finding my carefully applied shadow has settled in the crease of my eyelid a few hours later. For the past couple of weeks I've been using the new Mineralogie Eye Shadow Primer and am thrilled at the difference it makes to my make-up. Eye shadow holds better, lasts longer and doesn't crease throughout the day. The other benefit is that the primer is a nude colour and actually creates a great solid base for eye shadow application and I'm finding the colours look better when worn on top of the primer. Given I have quite sensitive eyes, I was hesitant about using a primer, however this Mineralogie one is talc-, starch-, dye- and fragrance-free and doesn't irritate my eyes at all.”  - Michelle

Eye Shadow Primer is my new favourite product and for all of you who love a good smoky eye (like the ever-stylish Diane Kruger, pictured), this product will become your eye shadow’s new BFF. It is so easy to use and the results speak for themselves. So if you want to achieve a flawless look like Leighton’s or play up your eyes with colour like Jessica make sure you prime first to achieve an irresistible, long lasting and professional result. Simply apply the Eye Shadow Primer over the entire eye lid using finger tips and you’re ready to add your favourite eye shadow. Rest assured that your look will not flake off or smudge but look fresh all day and night when you use Mineralogie’s new must-have product, Eye Shadow Primer.


(Photos: Primped)

 Are you keen to try the new Eye Shadow Primer?

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