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Welcome! We are so happy to have you stop by. It is with much excitement that we now bring you our very own blog which will be dedicated to nothing but the hottest trends, how-to’s and most informative, innovative and creative makeup tips and tricks we can get our hot little hands on.  If you have been in a makeup rut and need some fresh ideas, like trying new techniques or just enjoy a good read on all things makeup this is just the blog for you.

First up, let’s get back to basics. We’re all now fairly familiar with mineral makeup. You’ve heard it’s all natural, they (should) have no chemicals, talcs and fragrances added, it let’s your skin breathe, etc, etc. But how many of you out there are still nervous of making the switch from the traditional makeup you’ve been wearing for the last 10 years? Quite a few of you I’m assuming. You may be hesitant to try it for a number of reasons. Will it give me the coverage I’m after? Is it long lasting? Is it as versatile and have the range of a traditional makeup? Well, when it comes to Mineralogie Mineral Makeup the answer to these questions is simply yes, yes and yes.

Here is why Mineralogie mineral makeup is different.

1. FLAWLESS SKIN CAN BE YOURS. Yes, it is great that it is 100% mineral sans all the chemicals you would normally find in the ingredient listing on your usual makeup product and therefore good for your skin. But, if we are being really honest all a girl really wants is to be confident her makeup will cover that enormous zit or fake that “I get 10 hours of beauty sleep every night” look, am I right? Well, guess what? It is possible! You can achieve a flawless result and choose your preferred level of coverage, all without that ‘made up’ look and heavy feel. With 3 different types of foundation on offer, there is one that is your perfect match. So, if you are liquid fan (which I was; I'm now a loose powder convert), or a loose powder or pressed girl we’ve got you covered (literally). Coupled with our Face Primer, that refines lines whilst minimising pores and skin discolouration, you’ve got yourself the winning formula.

2. YOU WILL NOT NEED TO REAPPLY. That’s right ladies, there will be no more of those quick sneak offs to the bathroom to powder your nose. This stuff really does last. All. Day. Long! Not only that, it is also water resistant. Seriously. The only way it’s coming off is with the use of a good quality cleanser.  So you can now be confident that no matter what your day consists of the last thing you need to worry about is looking in the mirror come the end of it and wonder how long you have been walking around with panda eyes.

3. MINERALOGIE HAS A FULL RANGE.Some traditional brands have a small range of ‘mineral’ makeup that mainly consists of one type of foundation, some eye shadows and perhaps a bronzer. With Mineralogie, we’ve got the whole (makeup) kit and caboodle. From 3 types of foundations and over 40 different colours of eye shadows to specialist products like Face Primer and mattify-ing powder there really is no need to have a bathroom vanity full of different branded cosmetics. Mineralogie, you’ll find, really is a one-stop shop for all your makeup needs.

(Photos: Primped)

So, hopefully we have now brought you up to speed with the benefits of changing to Mineralogie Mineral Makeup. I’ve just told you a flawless complexion is at your fingertips but what good is it if I don’t let you in on how you can achieve it! All you have to do is follow these 3 easy steps.

1. Start with freshly cleansed and moisturised skin. Apply a small amount of Face Primer with your finger tips to your T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and blend outwards. This silky smooth product ensures the perfect base for your foundation and gives it extra staying power.

2. To conceal dark circles, use Ultimate Cream Concealer.  Dot under the eyes with the applicator and pat, don’t rub (which drags the delicate eye), until all the product is blended in. To banish blemishes use Unblemished, which is a nifty product that not only conceals, it also helps to soothe and heal. Let’s call it a wonder product. Apply directly to the spot and gently blend with fingertip. Tip: For both of these products, a little goes a long way, so don’t be heavy handed with them. You can always use more if needed.

3. Choose your favourite foundation. For Liquid Hydration Sheer Tint, use a Foundation Blending brush or finger tips and blend a small amount starting at the centre of the face and working outwards. Blend carefully at the hairline. For Loose Mineral Foundation and Pressed Mineral Foundation, take a Kabuki brush and swirl it in a small amount of the minerals until they have all been absorbed. In small, circular motions and with firm pressure (this is important) apply the minerals starting at the forehead and work all over the face. Repeat this step as many times as you like until your desired coverage is achieved. Usually no more than 3 layers are required for complete cover. Tip: Wait a minute or two after adding a layer of foundation. It needs this time to settle to reveal the true coverage. Otherwise you may end up applying more than you really need to. (1-2 layers = sheer to medium cover; 2-3 layers = complete cover; 4 layers = heavy cover.)

Voila! Flawless skin that lasts all day (and night) accomplished.  If you have any makeup question or would like us to blog on a specific subject please feel free to leave a comment. You are always welcome and encouraged to do so. Our aim is to empower you to create any makeup look your heart desires.

Until next time Mineralogists...

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